Christian: The Politics of a word in America, Harvard University Press, 2018.

Reviews for Christian: The Politics of a word in America
  1. Publishers Weekly
  2. Open Letters Review
  3. The Wall Street Journal
  4. Deseret News

Women and the LDS Church in Historical and Contemporary Perspective, edited collection with Kate Holbrook, University of Utah Press, 2016.

Reviews for Women and Mormonism
  1. Professor Benjamin Park
  2. Reading Religion

The Urban Pulpit: New York City and the fate of liberal evangelicalism, under contract, Oxford University Press, 2014.

Reviews for The Urban Pulpit
  1. The Christian Century
  2. Timothy Keller, Faith and Work
  3. Paul Putz, Religion in American History
  4. Janine Giordano Drake, Religion in American History
  5. Interview with John G. Turner
  6. Interview with Albert Mohler

The Mormon People: the making of an American faith, Random House, 2012.

Reviews for The Mormon People
  1. New York Times
  2. Wall Street Journal
  3. Kirkus
  4. Armand Mauss, BYU Studies
  5. Matthew Sutton, Pacific Historical Quarterly
  6. Christopher Gehrtz, The Pietist Schoolman