Associate Professor of History (untenured), Henderson State University, 2015 –


Visiting Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State University, 2014–2015


Visiting Assistant Professor, Hampden–Sydney College, 2011–2014


Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellow, 2010–2011


Royden B. Davis Teaching Fellow, Georgetown University, 2008–2009



Ph.D, American history, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., 2011

Dissertation: “The Urban Pulpit: Evangelicals and the city in New York, 1880–1930”

Adviser: Michael Kazin
Major Field: US history

Minor Fields: Atlantic history, history of religion


MA with honors, history, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2004


BA, history, English, political science, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2002



History Courses Taught
US History I&II
Western Civilization I
World History I&II


Upper Division Courses – US History
Public History

The Rise of American Diversity, 1890–1945

The Age of Social Movements, 1945–1991
The African American Experience
Religion in American History
Religion and the American Civil War
Mormonism and the American Experience
Immigrant America


Upper Division Courses—Non–US History

The New World: Diversity in the Atlantic World, 1500-1800
Freshman Seminar: Witchcraft and Persecution in the Atlantic World, 1500–2012
European Reformations


Readings in African American History

Historiography of the United States

Research Seminar


Teaching Awards

2017 Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching, Ellis College of Arts and Sciences, Henderson

State University


James Ruedy Award for Outstanding Teaching in a Survey Course, Georgetown University,



Royden Davis Teaching Fellowship, Georgetown University, 2008–2009


Certificate, Apprenticeship in Teaching Program, Center for New Design in Learning and

Scholarship, Georgetown University, 2008


Research and Scholarship


Christian: The Politics of a Word in America, Harvard University Press, 2018


The Urban Pulpit: New York City and the Fate of Liberal Evangelicalism, Oxford University

Press, 2014


The Mormon People: The Making of an American Faith, Random House, 2012


Edited Collection

Women and Mormonism: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, edited collection
with Kate Holbrook, University of Utah Press, 2016

Peer Reviewed Articles

“Liberty and Order: the Mormon Struggle with American Capitalism,” in John Corrigan,

Amanda Porterfield, and Darren Grem, eds., The Business Turn in American Religious History, 2017


“A Vast Infiltration: Mormonism and the FBI,” in Sylvester Johnson and Steven Weitzman, eds.,

The FBI And Religion: Faith and National Security Before and after 9/11, University of California Press, 2017


““The Best Social Practice:” Mormon Women and the Professionalization of Social Reform in

America, 1910–1930,”in Matthew Bowman and Kate Holbrook, eds., LDS Women in

Historic And Contemporary Perspectives, University of Utah Press, 2016


“The Countercult Movement and Mormon Conservatism,” in John Turner and Patrick Q. Mason,

eds., Mormonism in America Since 1945, Oxford University Press, 2016


“Zion: The Progressive Roots of Mormon Correlation,” in Patrick Q. Mason, ed., New

Directions in Mormon Studies, University of Utah Press, 2016
“Eternal Progression: Mormonism and American Progressivism,” in Jana Reiss and Randall

Balmer, eds., Mormonism and American Politics since 1945, Columbia University Press, 2015


“Toward a Catholic History of Mormonism,” Journal of Mormon History 50:1 (January 2015),



“Antirevivalism and its Discontents: Liberal Evangelicalism, the American City, and

The Sunday School, 1900–1929,” in Religion and American Culture 23:2 (Summer 2013), 262–291


“Mormonism and its historians: the state of the field,” History Compass 12:3 (December 2011)


“Matthew Philip Gill, Joseph Smith, and the Dynamics of Mormon Schism,” Nova Religio 14:3

(February 2011), 42–63


“The Reverend Buck’s Theological Dictionary and the creation of evangelical identity, 1802–

1851,” Journal of the Early Republic. 29:3 (Fall 2009), 441–475.  With Samuel Brown.


“Persecution, Prophecy, and the Fundamentalist Reconstruction of Germany, 1933–1940,” in

Maria Mazzenga, ed , American Religious Responses to Kristallnacht (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2009), 183–205


“A Mormon Bigfoot: David Patten’s Cain and Conceptions of Evil in LDS Folklore,” Journal of

Mormon History 33:3 (Fall 2007), 62–82
“Sin, Spirituality, and Primitivism: the theologies of the American social gospel, 1885–1917,”

Journal of Religion and American Culture 17:1 (Winter 2007), 95–126


“’It Is Time We Do Something Radical:’ The Union Party in Utah,” Utah Historical Quarterly,       72:4 (Summer 2004), 253–270


Reviews In
Church History: studies in Christianity and Culture


Fides et Historia: The journal of the conference on faith and history

Journal of American Studies

Journal of Mormon History

Mormon Historical Studies
New York History

Nova Religio

Religious Studies Review

Women’s History Review


Academic Honors and Awards

Best Article of the Year, for “Toward a Catholic History of Mormonism,” Journal of Mormon

History 50:1 (January 2015), 198–217, Mormon History Association, 2016


Best Theological Article, for “Matthew Philip Gill and the Dynamics of Mormon Schism,” Nova

Religio 14:3 (February 2011), John Whitmer Historical Society, September 2012


Bernard Schwartz Postdoctoral Fellowship, The New–York Historical Society, 2011–2012


Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, 2010–2011


Juanita Brooks Award for Best Graduate Student Paper, Mormon History Association, 2007,

2008, 2009, 2010


  1. Talmage Jones Award of Excellence in an Article, for “The Crisis of Mormon Christology:

history, progress, and Protestantism,” Fides Et Historia.40:2 (Fall 2008),, Mormon History Association, May 2009


Research Fellow, Gilder–Lehrman Institute for American History, New York City, spring 2008



Scholarly Conferences

“Robert Bellah and the Cults: Citizenship and Religion in an Age of Exhaustion,” Society for US

Intellectual History Annual Meeting, October 2017

“The Corruption of Martin Luther; Christianity and the First World War at Two American

Universities,” American Society of Church History Annual Meeting, January 2017


“Race and Christianity at Howard University 1910–1925,” American Society of

Church History Annual Meeting, January 2016


“Christian Civilization at Two American Universities, 1915–1930,” Society for US

Intellectual History Annual Meeting, October 2015


“Purity and Danger: Mormons in the FBI,” American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting,

November 2014


“Evangelicals and the Progressive Movement: Embodying Scripture in a Reforming Age,”

American Society of Church History, January 2014

“Uneasy Enemies: The Evangelical Countercult Movement and Mormonism,” American

Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, November 2013


“The Word on the Street: Embodiment and the Bible in Social Reform in Gilded Age New

York,” American Society of Church History Spring Meeting, April 2013


“Tony Kushner, South Park, and Mormonism in America,” Southern Modern Language

Association, November 2012


“Made Over . . . For its Conquest and Occupancy:” New York City as Evangelical

Battlefield, 1880–1900,” Society for Military History Annual Meeting, May 2012


“Evangelicalism and Pluralism in the Union School of Religion, or, the Passion of

George Albert Coe, 1909–1928,” Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, April 2012


“A Progressive Apostasy: James Talmage, BH Roberts, and Protestant Apostasy Narratives in

Nineteenth Century America,” at Conceptions of Apostasy, a conference at Brigham

Young University, March 2012


“The Revised Version: translations of the Word in 1880s New York,” The King James Bible and

the World It Made: a conference at Baylor University Institutes for the Study of Religion, April 2011


“Converting the city: creating evangelical space in New York, 1880–1900,” American Studies

Association Annual Meeting, March 2010


“Raising buildings, raising congregations: church houses in Gilded Age New

York City,” American Society of Church History Spring Meeting, April 2009


“The Corruption of Martin Luther: American Fundamentalism and the Problem of Nazism,”

American Academy of Religion, March 2008


“Americanism and the Image of Judaism in the American Response to the Holocaust,” United

States Holocaust Memorial Museum, August 2007


Invited Talks

“Reform and the Meanings of History in Catholicism and Mormonism,” Mormonism in the

Academy: A Conference in Honor of Richard Bushman,” June 2016


“The Second Vatican Council and Mormon Correlation: Restorationism and the Pure Church,”

Catholics and Mormons: A New Dialogue: A Conference at Notre Dame University,

December 2013


“Mormonism and the Public Square,” Seattle University Forum on Religion in Public Life,

November 2012


“Eternal Progression: Mormonism and American Progressivism,” Mormonism and American

Politics, a conference at Columbia University, February 2012

“Mormonism and Christianity in the Age of Mitt Romney,” Rutgers University Forum on

Religious Pluralism, October 2012


“Eternal Progression: Mormonism and American Progressivism,” The Forum at Southern

Virginia University, February 2012

Popular Writing and Media Appearances

Christian Century

The New Republic

Religion and Politics

Religion Dispatches



The Washington Post


NPR’s On Point

NPR’s RadioWest
Campus Service

Director, Public History Certificate, Henderson State University

Chair, Student Academic Travel Committee, Henderson State University
Ellis College Student Awards Committee, Henderson State University

Social Sciences Curriculum Committee, Henderson State University

Undergraduate Committee, Bowling Green State University

Member, Men’s Studies Program, Hampden Sydney College
Committee, Charles McRae Program on Vocation and Society, Hampden Sydney College

Publication Service

Board of Editors, Journal of Mormon History, 2011 – 2017

Associate Editor, Dialogue: a journal of Mormon thought, 2009 – 2014


Conference Service
Steering Committee, American Society of Church History, 2017 – present

Program Co–Chair, Mormon History Association 2013 Annual Meeting

Organizer, Perspectives on Women and the LDS Church, a conference at the University of Utah,

August 2012
Organizer, At the Crossroads Again: Mormon and Methodist Encounters in the Nineteenth and Twenty–First Centuries, a conference at Wesley Theological Seminary, February 2012

Other Experience


Invited participant, “Case Studies in the History of Worship,” Calvin College Summer Seminars

in Christian Scholarship, July 2010


Invited participant, Seminar on Religious Responses to Reichskristallnacht in the United

States, Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, US Holocaust Museum, summer 2007


Summer Fellow, Maxwell Institute for Religious Studies, Brigham Young University, summer




American Historical Association

American Academy of Religion

American Society of Church History

Conference on Faith and History

Mormon History Association